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Officers of the APDS 2023-2024


Amit Joshi MD


Jennifer Choi MD


Kari Rosenkranz MD


Valentine Nfonsam MD


Kyla Terhune MD, MBA

Past President

Executive Committee 
Paul Wise MD (2025)
Sylvia Martinez MD (2024)
Jonathan Dort MD (2026)
Jennifer LaFemina MD | Program Chair (2024)

Division Heads 
Education | Julia Shelton MD
Membership | Kari Rosenkranz MD
Research | James Korndorffer MD

APDS Board of Directors 
Rahul Anand MD (2025)
Marcie Feinman MD (2025)
Wade Douglas MD (2025)
Kareem Abdelfattah MD (2025)
Daniel Relles MD (2025)
Mike Truitt MD (2025)
Subhasis Misra MD (2024)
David Borgstrom MD (2024)
Karen Brasel MD (2024)
Jeremy Lipman MD (2024)
Constance Cashen DO (2024)
Diane Hale MD (2024)

Ex Officio Members
Executive Director, American Board of Surgery |  Jo Buyske MD
Journal of Surgical Education | Douglas S. Smink MD, MPH

Representative ACS Advisory Council on General Surgery |  Farin Amersi MD
Chair Residency Review Committee for Surgery | Karen Brasel MD
Director Division of Education American College of Surgeons | Ajit Sachdeva MD
APDS Representative to the ACS Board of Governors | Amit Joshi MD
APDS Representative to SAGES | Rana Higgins MD
APDS Representative to ASE | Tania Arora MD
APDS Representative to the OPDA | Daniel Dent MD
APDS Representative to ERAS & AAMC | Jennifer Serfin MD
APDS Liaison with SCORE | Mo Shabahang MD
President Association of Residency Administrators in Surgery | Hemali Shah C-TAGME, PACE
Resident Representatives |  Jasmine Walker MD MA MPH (Year 2) and Threshia Malcolm MD, MS (Year 1)


Honorary Life Members
Arthur H Aufses Jr, MD
Robert Berry MD
Dominic A DeLaurentis MD
Paul Friedmann MD
Ward O Griffen Jr, MD
Robert E Hermann MD
Walter Pories MD
John Potts MD
Paula Termuhlen MD

Friedell Fund Board 
David Harrington (2024)
Marcela Ramirez  (2024)
Benjamin Jarman (2025)
Mariela Rivera (2025)
Andreas Meier (2026)
Jamie Robertson (2026)
Elizabeth Dauer (2027)
Doug Smink (2027)

By virtue of the APDS By-Laws changes adopted in October, 2022, the scope of the Nominating Committee’s responsibilities and recommendations have been expanded to include also proposing a slate of Officers for the Board of the Mark Friedell Education and Research Fund.

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