Abstracts 2015

                                                CALL FOR ABSTRACTS 2015       




The Association of Program Directors in Surgery (APDS) and the Association for Surgical Education (ASE) will come together for Surgical Education Week 2015, April 21 – 25, at the Seattle Westin Hotel in Seattle, Washington.  The APDS will meet April 21-23 and the ASE will meet April 23-25.  April 23 will be the “Joint Program Day” with speakers, panels, and paper sessions sponsored by both the APDS and ASE.

The APDS invites you to submit your work for consideration for oral paper presentation or interactive workshop presentation during our Spring Meeting, April 21-23, 2015.  Abstracts, whether for podium presentation or for workshop, must be submitted electronically.

The online submission form and detailed instructions can be found on the APDS website at www.apds.org .

Please note if your presenter is a Resident or medical student as they may be eligible for the 2015 Outstanding Resident Paper Award. To be eligible, the presenter must be in General Surgery residency training at the time of the presentation.

**Abstracts will not be considered if they have been previously presented, published, or are currently submitted with pending decision on acceptance elsewhere**




Notifications of the decisions of the Program Committee will be mailed to the Corresponding Authors mid-late December.  Abstracts related to any facet of graduate surgical education will be considered on a competitive basis.  Abstracts for oral paper presentation will be judged based upon clarity of purpose, originality, significance to surgical resident education, study design and data analysis.  Abstracts accepted for oral presentation will be published in the Journal of Surgical Education preceding the annual meeting.  Workshop proposals will be judged based upon clarity of purpose, originality, significance to surgical resident education, potential for audience interactivity and value of the knowledge/skill that will be acquired by each attendee.

The authors of each abstract accepted for oral presentation at the APDS meeting are required to submit a full manuscript for consideration for publication in the Journal of Surgical Education. The deadline for full manuscript submission is April 10, 2015. Manuscripts are to be submitted through the Journal’s website at http://ees.elsevier.com.  . Failure to submit a manuscript prior to presentation will result in cancellation of your oral presentation, withdrawal of your paper from the current APDS program, and suspension of your privilege to submit your work to future APDS meetings.  Workshop authors are invited, but not required, to submit a manuscript.

As part of our CME accreditation process, each Presenter must complete a Speaker Conflict Disclosure Form.  Submission of this form will be required upon notification of acceptance of your abstract.    Should it be determined that a conflict of interest exists as a result of a financial relationship you may have, you will be contacted and methods to manage the conflict will be discussed with you. In addition, all affirmative disclosures must be revealed by a slide at the beginning of the presentation.  Failure of a Presenter to complete the speaker disclosure process will result in cancellation of the presentation and withdrawal of the paper or workshop from the APDS program.

Presenters whose abstract have been accepted, must also register as attendees for the 2015 APDS Annual Meeting


Format – Use at least a 10 point font and single spacing. Limit one degree per author (e.g., MD, PhD). Positions, job titles, and institutional appointments should not be included. Give the name and the location (city, state or province) of the institution where the work was done. The abstract body cannot exceed 425 words. A table or graph may be included but it may reduce the word count allowable. Organize the Body of the Abstract using the following section headers: Purpose, Methods, Results, Conclusions. For abstracts being submitted for Workshop consideration only, a narrative may be substituted that includes the workshop purpose, methods of presentation of the workshop material (including how the audience will be engaged to participate), and what each attendee can expect to acquire in terms of knowledge/skill from the workshop.

If accepted, abstracts will be printed in the same format that they were submitted.

A confirmation receipt will be sent within 24 hours of abstract submission.  If you do not receive a notice within that timeframe, please contact the APDS office.

Your 2015 Program Committee looks forward to receiving your abstract!