Education/Mentorship Committee

Chair – Chris de Virgilio, M.D.

Harbor – UCLA


  • Ernie Dunn, M.D., Methodist – Dallas, TX
  • Chris Baker, M.D.,–Boston MA
  • John Mellinger, M.D., Southern Illinois Uiversity
  • Daniel Vargo, M.D., University of Utah
  • Tom Cogbill, M.D., Gunderson Lutheran, Lacrosse, Wisconsin
  • Ben Jarman M.D., Gundersen Lutheran Medical Foundation
  • Michael Kavic, M.D., St. Elizabeth Health Center, Ohio
  • Alicia Mangram, M.D., Methodist Hospitals of Dallas-TX
  • Joel Rosenfeld, M.D., St. Lukes Health Network, New Jersey
  • Hilary Sanfey, M.D., Southern Illinois Uiversity
  • William Tapscott, M.D., Baptist, Birmingham

Charge to the Education / Mentorship Committee

  • Develop and hold courses to educate new program directors and the needs of their job.
  • Develop and hold refresher courses to educate experienced PD’s in ways to improve their performance.
  • Construct and design a mentoring program to be made available to members of the APDS who desire it.
  • Develop resources – publications, performance criteria, job description, salary surveys, seminars, etc., that prepare program directors to advance in their career.
  • Monitor program director turnover for aids in meeting attendance.
  • Insure that a mixture of university, hybrid, and community programs are represented on the committee.